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We are looking for enthusiastic, hardworking individuals with high morals and values to sell our product/s to the public.   

We, ourselves have families and understand the need of an extra source of income or even the possibility of working remotely from home full time. We have, for this reason, specifically chosen the route of using agents to sell our product/s on our behalf.   

We do the marketing and supply necessary marketing material to our agents as and when needed at NO extra cost.  There is no joining fee involved and no catch.  Agents refer their customers to our website to find all necessary information such as how to play, jokes, recipes, fun facts and FAQ’s. 

Each Treasure chest sells for R199. There are 30 Action cards and 30 Tokens in each box set. You get the orders in and pay us R149 per box set.  This means you put 50 bucks in your pocket for every box set you have sold.  The R149 payable to us includes courier costs delivered to you, our agent.  It is your choice to have the clients pick their orders up directly from you or for you to deliver to their doorstep.  We recommend a “meet me” point somewhere in your city / town to save both parties time and petrol. 

We will require a minimum order of 20 box sets per order placed.  Our agents can choose to order bulk orders once orders have been received OR buy in bulk (box of 20 or more) and sell from their stock at hand.   

Click below to apply to become an agent for Treasuretime.  We will contact you via e-mail or phone to discuss your application.  Approval will depend on the number of agents already in your area and if there is space in your city / town to bring another agent on board. 

Ready To Buy A Set?

We are in the process of allowing our admired customers to purchase a TreasureTime set online through a payment gateway. But for now, please leave your info with us and we will do all the heavy lifting for you! Alternatively, you can find an agent in your area.

Where Should We Deliver Your Set?