How To Play

Not entirely sure how to play some cards?

Basic Guidelines

Throwing compliments

Let your family stand in a circle. Throw the ball to anyone you choose in the circle. The one whom catches the balls must pay a compliment to the person on their right.

*Be sure to mention that everyone must have atleast 1 opportunity to catch the ball otherwise someone will not receive a compliment!

Let's have a midnight feast!

Only valid on weekends and public holidays. Skip dinner and prepare dinner or a fun meal with snacks and have a midnight feast at 12am sharp!
Tips: Pop over to our website / facebook page for some easy recipes or melt some chocolate and cut up some fruit and have a chocolate fruit fondue!

BREAKFAST for Dinner!

This is a fun token! Make flapjacks, eggs, bacon, muesli with fruit pieces and yogurt for Dinner! Pancakes and or cereal will also do!

Let's play Hairdresser!

Make fun hairstyles for one another. Boys can also play - have them comb your hair and you can gel their hair into a mohawk

Let's tell jokes!

Hop over to our Jokes Page - we have found some funny jokes for you!

Let's draw on your back!

Enjoy some time out while your child draws and writes on your back. Preferred for dads!

1 x YES Hour

Just have fun! Suggest that your children ask you questions in this hour - how mom and dad met or what their first home was like if you have since moved
Allowing children to be fun is important. If it's warm out and they would like you to run under the sprayers with them - get those dust covered costumes / swimming shorts out
and be a child with your child!

Lets tell family stories!

Use this time to share how you and your spouse met. Tell your children about their first home. Your first date. Your experiences at school. The list is never ending. Share your life lessons with them.

Random act of kindness

Help someone cross the road, carry someone's groceries to their car or pay for someone's groceries at the till point if you are able to do so. Bake cookies for your neighbour.
Bake brownies and take them across to the nearest old age home and go treat the elders.

Taste Testing Blind folded!

Place a variation of foods in separate bowls / plates (use paper plates to lessen the clean up afterwards!) and blindfold your children. Give them a bite of what they are to taste and have them guess what they are tasting. Give them 10 seconds to guess what it is and move onto the next item.
Ideas: Lemon slices, Sour worms, Brownie, Feta cheese, Kiwi cut up, Raisins, Pickles, Aromat.
Note: You can use a variety of options or stick to one type of product throughout, for instance, bites of various chocolates and they must guess which chocolate they are eating or various drinks and guess which drinks they are drinking. You can also use different types of cheese or even biscuits.

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