Oreo Truffles (No bake)

Makes Lovely 18 Orea Truffles

Hands UP oreo lovers!  These truffles are pure chocolate goodness!
No baking, No mess, No fuss!



2 x Packs of oreos
250g Lancewood Full Fat Cream Cheese
1 x Aero slab


*Crush oreos into fine dust
*Mix dust with cream cheese until dough ball is formed
*Let sit for 30min in fridge
*Place baking paper / wax wrap in glass dish
*Take spoonfuls and roll into balls
*Melt chocolate and dip balls into melted chocolate
*Place balls on baking paper / wax wrap
*Let sit in fridge over night
*ENJOY your delicious truffles!

NOTE: You can also use white chocolate.

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